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Privacy Film for Windows

Privacy Film for Windows

Privacy Film for windows can create an effect that is rich and striking, etched glass is difficult and costly to install and maintain. Altering etched glass is virtually impossible. And cleaning it can be problematic.

Etched Film in a Washroom

Etched Privacy Film in a Washroom

By installing a decorative window film we are able replicate the look and feel of etched glass at a fraction of the price, and can be wiped clean with conventional glass cleaners. It is also easy to change,

allowing you to update your look without replacing your windows.

Need to add privacy to the family washroom or the front foyer. Want the privacy without curtains or blinds?

Privacy Films are available in a range of finishes, patterns and colors – offering stylish, add privacy without sacrificing natural light.

The Brands we use:

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Custom Printed Privacy Films

We now offer Custom Printed Privacy Graphics – Even though we virtually have hundreds of Decorative Films available to us, sometimes our “off the shelf” products just won’t work for your application.

Custom film printing is a great alternative to stock designs and can be used for interior decorating and privacy. The possibilities are endless – create beautiful, full color murals and patterns, visually soften an entryway,

Printable films from Madico are optically clear also block UV rays or offer a scratch resistant coating for use in higher traffic areas. Ensuring a long lasting finish.

We will work with your designer to create the effect you desire.


Custom Printed Window Film (snow flake design)

Solax Decorative Film - Stained Glass FishBefore - Solyx Decorative Window Film - Clear WatersAfter - Solyx Decorative Window Film - Clear WatersAfter - Solyx Decorative Window Film - Clear Waters