3M Architectural Resurfacing Films

3M Di-Noc Architectural Films resemble natural materials including real wood veneers, marble, granite, ceramics, leather, metals, etc…  Solar Trends is able to create a whole new look, quickly and inexpensively.

Are Architectural Films Cost Effective? – Yes. The 500+ finishes provide cost effective alternative solutions. Reduced down time, in many cases businesses continue to operate minimizing lost revenue during renovations. Solar Trends is able to apply 3M Di-Noc Architectural Films directly to the substrates which saves time and money, and it makes application fast and easy.

Update Office Surfaces – Imagine updating the look of some your fixture with the warm feel of Wood Grain or the cool of natural stone or the rich feel of leather. Well you can for a fraction of the price. Solar Trends has assisted clients by using 3M Architectural Resurfacing Films to freshen up and reinvent their space on wall panel systems, casework, store fixtures, columns, doors, elevators, healthcare workstations, stainless steel serveries, etc.

Application? – 3M Di-Noc Architectural Film is light weight and self-adhering. Solar Trends commonly applies this resurfacing film over smooth, solid and non-porous surfaces such as High Pressure Laminates, Melamine, Stainless Steel(other metal surfaces), ceramics etc….

Di-Noc is highly flexible enabling us to install not only flat surfaces but also on complex curves. Prefect for walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or fixtures. This vinyl material is amazingly flexible.

 Suitable for…

Elevators/Doors and Panelling  ♦  Stainless Steel Kitchen and Buffet Equipment  ♦  Store Fixtures  ♦  Doors/wood and metal  ♦  Door Frames/wood and metal  ♦  Restaurant Cabinets  ♦  Conference Room Tables  ♦  Washroom Partitions  ♦  Washroom walls  ♦  Movable partitions for office dividers  ♦  Wall coverings  ♦  Exhibit Displays  ♦  Entertainment Centers  ♦  Bar and Lounge Centers  ♦  High columns  ♦  Long reception counters  ♦  Hotel lounge and cocktail tables  ♦ and much much more…

  Public transportation, Health care facilities, Airports, Restaurants, Office complexes, Marine Vessels

Because of this strong adhesive system, the application is performed by a Trained Certified Installer to ensure a satisfactory installation.

(PVC Vinyl Films are CLASS A Fire rated by UL-723 and ASTM E-84 testing)


  • Before - 3M Di-Noc for stainless servery cabinet
    Before - 3M Di-Noc for stainless servery cabinet
  • After - 3M Di-Noc on Stainless Servery Cabinets
    After - 3M Di-Noc on Stainless Servery Cabinets
  • After - 3M Di-Noc on Sales Counter
    After - 3M Di-Noc on Sales Counter
  • After - 3M Di-Noc on Sales Counter
    After - 3M Di-Noc on Sales Counter