Barber Shop wants to “Cut” the Heat

The Air Conditioning system is able to work easier and there is a more even temperature through the room.

One of the excellent aspects of window film is the ability to reduce the Heat of the Sun while it is shining in through the windows. You reduce the Sun’s Heat and the temperature of the interior space becomes more reasonable to control, Leading to Energy Savings.

One of Guelph’s local Barber Shops has been suffering out the summer heat over the years. As with many older buildings the Air Conditioning unit struggles to keep up with the demand. But also the front portion of the shop is over heated because of the direct sunlight pouring in through the West facing glass.

Solar Trends was able to install a Commercial Grade Bronze 20% window film for our dear customer and they were able to experience the immediate benefits of window film. As the picture shows our customer was also able to maintain his clear view of the outside with window film installed less the large amount of glare that was generally being experienced.


With the Bronze 20% Window Film the Immediate Benefits are:

  • 78% Total Solar Energy Rejected
  • 72% of Glare Reduction
  • 99% of UV Rejected

If you would like to know more about Window Film and the benefits it can provide you for either home or business,

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