Does Window Film Stop Fading?

uv chart

What are the causes of premature fading in furnitures, floorings and other precious and expensive  items. As you can see by the above chart it is a combination of a few things;

  • 40% of fading is caused by UV Light (invisible)
  • 25% of fading is caused by Visible Light (the light we see)
  • 25 % of fading is caused by Heat (noticed how the back of your couch is hot as the Sun shines upon it)
  • 10% misc. – poor dye anchorage, chemicals, fabric quality etc…

We must make this disclaimer that Nothing completely stops fading. But window films are designed to drastically reduce the major causes of fading: Damaging UV radiation, excessive light and heat. All these factors as mentioned contribute to fading and premature aging of fabrics, furnishings and flooring.

We offer Window Films (tints) and Window Shades that block and/or reduce these factors – helping to prolong the life of your precious items. As us how we can help you today.