Shades @ Home

Increase comfort – Reduce fading – Increase privacy – Save energy

Solar Trends Sun Shades for HomeA Solar Trends Window Shade is an attractive and stylish way to control glare, heat and fading during problem sun hours, and then roll up the shade when full sun is desired. Increase daytime privacy protection with the window shades rolled down – and stop people from peering in.

Not your traditional window shades: Our solar window shades are made of a polyester type material (mylar) similar to that of window tint, its like window tint on a roller shade. Thus you experience many of the benefits similar to traditional window films like: fantastic see-through, superior heat and glare rejecting qualities, 99% UV rejection and increased privacy protection.

  • Health Benefits – Health is promoted by rejecting 99% of ultraviolet light
      • up/to 99% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked – protection against skin damage.
      • Comfort levels increased
  • Reduce Fading – UV protection – reduced fading and degradation
      • furniture and floorings last longer, saving you money
  • Heat Rejecting – up/to 80% of unwanted heat gain
      • Help maintain reasonable temperatures,
      • Reducing energy and air-conditioning costs by up to 15%
      • The winter insulating value of your windows is also increased by 24%
  • Anti-Glare – Less visual fatigue
      • Monitors, TV screen easier to see
  • Eliminate the “Fishbowl” effect – Daytime privacy
      • You clearly see the outside,
      • Protected from viewers seeing in
  • Virtually maintenance free
      • Made using commercial grade components
      • Long life product
      • 5 year warranty
  • Easy to Install Yourself
      • Customized Made in Canada for your windows
      • A few screws to install
      • Snap and Click into place

Over the almost 20 years our do-it-yourself window shades have been easily installed in many homes. Our customers wanted to maintain their truly Canadian views – overlooking the lake, ocean front, their city, or a park like setting so they chose our see through Solar Window Shades.

A simple How to Measure Solar Window Shades Guide