New film inhibits growth of microbes and bacteria

Madico Inc, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials-based film solutions, has introduced a new antimicrobial surface protection film called Neutralux. The new film can be applied to surfaces to inhibit the growth of microbes which cause odors and stains.

Neutralux uses silver ion technology and proprietary coatings to make it antimicrobial and scratch resistant. Madico’s top coat continuously kills microbial contaminants and resists microbe growth on the surface of the film, providing the film with built in protection without releasing toxic substances into the environment. The top coat is EPA registered and FDA listed.

Madico’s Neutralux can be applied to surfaces such as glass, wood, stainless steel or aluminum making it perfect for public places including medical facilities, banks, nursing homes, public transportation systems, libraries, grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, salons, and fitness centers.

The film can be applied to high-touch surfaces such as touch screens, tables, face shields, grocery cart handles, medical equipment, counter tops, arm rests, elevators, key pads, restroom stalls, baby changing stations or a vast array of other areas.

Neutralux antimicrobial film is effective against a broad range of micro-organisms and bacteria, preventing stains from mold, algae and chemicals. The film can be replaced as needed based on the degree of wear and traffic.