Window Shades for the Office

Solar Trends Window Shades

Every shade is custom made, manufactured just for your office.

A Solar Trends Window Shades are designed for people who want to maintain maximum view through their windows but block the damaging and annoying effects of the sun.

Increase comfort, reduce fading, and save energy while maintaining a superb view of the outside.

Our Window Shades are designed to control glare, heat and fading during problem sun hours, and then the option is there to roll them up when full sun is desired.

Solar Trends Window Shades are not your traditional window shades. They made of a polyester type (Mylar) material similar to that of window film, like having Window Tint on a Roller Shade. Because of the ‘window tint on a roller shade’ effect the shades have many of the benefits of traditional window films.

So how can our see through Sun Shades help? Here are a few of the benefits of our “Best in Market” Window Shades:

  • Health Benefits – Good Health is promoted by rejecting 99% of ultraviolet light
      • 99% of UV rays are being blocked – providing UVA and UVB protection for you and your family against skin damage.
    • Comfort levels increased
  • Reduce Fading – Furnishing and products are receiving 99% UV protection – reduced fading and degradation
    • Fading is reduced – furniture and floorings last longer, saving you money
  • Heat Rejecting – Our Sun Shades help with the heat,
      • Rejecting up/to 80% of unwanted heat gain.
      • A more comfortable  living environment is created.
      • Help maintain reasonable temperatures,
      • reducing energy and air-conditioning costs by up to 15%
      • By slowing down the Sun’s heat from entering a room less energy is then required to cool the room
    • The winter insulating value of your windows is also increased by 24%
  • Anti-Glare – Our Glare Reducing Sun Shades making
      • Monitors, TV screen easier to see
      • Less visual fatigue
    • Rooms more visually comfortable.
  • Eliminate the “Fishbowl” effect – Daytime privacy levels are increased
      • Protected from outside viewers
    • See through window shades, allowing you to clearly see the outside, creating a sense of openness
  • Virtually maintenance free – 
      • Made using commercial grade components
      • Long life product
    • 5 year warranty

These Window Shades are excellent for most all commercial applications such as:

Store Fronts  –  Restaurants  –  Offices  –   Commercial Buildings  –  Homes  –   Gas Station Kiosks  –  Heavy Equipment  –  Ships  –  Banks  –  Schools

Solar Trends Window Shades are available in several colour choices: Reflective Bronze, Reflective Silver, Medium Smoke, Grey Silver Embossed and Bronze Silver Embossed. See our Window Shade Specifications.

We do sell these shades for a Do It Yourself application