Privacy Policy

Our “Privacy Policy” is simple – we absolutely promise and guarantee never to share, sell or give our customer information to anyone or any company. Any information you provide to us, stays with us.

On occasion, we do our own e-mailings to our customer base, informing of new and exciting offerings from Solar Trends.  Whenever you want to opt out of those email offerings, you can do so, and we will respect that.

It is never our intent to bother our customers with excess emails, and we certainly do not engage in any SPAM activities. When you shop at Solar Trends, you can rest assured that your personal information is safe with us. You have our word on that.

Some of our customers have chosen to provide us with a “Testimonial” that we may publish. These are posted only after we have received written or digital consent from our customer and we only post the information that the customer has consented too. Comments are not altered and posted exactly as stated by the customer.