UV protection for Local Artists

Guelph Wellington Seniors Association – City of Guelph Seniors Complex

 “The Art in the Halls Project celebrates the creativity within our community at large by showcasing a diverse selection of art from the GWSA members. This unique gallery space interweaves traditional and contemporary artwork in all its forms and mediums.”

When the GWSA wanted to protect their “Art in the Halls” display from  UV damage they were turned to Solar Trends. The seniors have a wonderful IMG_20150330_123152_edit_editdisplay of local art and many pieces on display are designed and or created using natural medium (cotton, wool, wood etc…). These medium types unfortunately are more susceptible to the damaging effects of Ultra-Violet Light if not protected.

The City of Guelph building used by the GWSA has several 30′ high up skylights throughout the building IMG_20150330_105753_edit1and this opens the property up to much desired natural light. However as mentioned this also brings the undesired damaging effects of the Sun. The GWSA wanted to protect the Art in the Halls Displays of the members but also maintain the natural light levels they have come to enjoy.

Solar Trends was able to recommend a high quality Madico Window Film that rejects 99% of UV light and 62% of the Solar Energy, while maintaining high levels of natural light in the Artists space.

Solar Trends maintains the Certifications needed to provide Safe Professional Service in order to carry out such difficult Installations.

PS – Please note not all Window Film manufacturers offer warranties for window film installed on Skylights. Have your Window Film Dealer show you a copy of the Window Film Manufacturers Warranty sheet to confirm that installation on Skylights is warrantied.

 Did You Know?
Indoor Sun Exposure

Indoor Sun Exposure – People often associate skin cancer with overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays from being outdoors, so they only use sun protection when outside. But people can also be at risk of developing skin cancer when indoors. This is because the sun’s rays can pass through windows. Inform your customers that having window film professionally applied to windows can block up to 99% of UV rays that can cause skin cancer.

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